Classic cream coat for any occasion…


A classic cream coat can be worn in many different ways and with numerous colours. You will always look classy and elegant. So pop in to fbo Kempton Park or Springs and get yours today. A real asset in the wardrobe. And with 50% off.

50% off First Birthday Sale

I just love a celebration and especially when I’m getting a gift and its not even my birthday. It’s a first birthday sale on at fbo Kempton Park and Springs with a massive 50% off of already discounted original international fashion brands.

Numerous ladies coats like this navy blue Jane Norman double breasted with gold buttons. It’s fully lined and really classic and elegant especially when worn with the trendy and timeless stripe long sleeve top. Our price on promotion is R299 Less 50% so you pay only R149,50. The basic U top on promotion is R49 Less 50% so you pay only R24,50. It’s a celebration and you save with these fantastic offers.

Don’t forget to enter the competition where you could win a share of R30 000 worth of clothing. Fill in the entry form in-store.

Pop in to one of the outlets and and find your best buy of the year.

fbo Kempton Park – 79 Pretoria Road or fbo Springs – 29 5th Avenue.

Happy shopping!

fbo marketing team xxx

So it’s all about the boys this week and I’ve got a few real sexy jeans to share with you…

Hey friends,

I’m back with some more cutting edge fashion ‘intell’ for you. Hope you’re ready because I’m extremely excited about this one. This one is for the boys…

fbo has a added some new stock to its range of Criminal Damage denim jeans for men.    It doesn’t just end there but, this range also has awesome T-shirts and if you buy a pair of Criminal Damage jeans you get a FREE t-shirt. Wow – anything for free is great! The jeans are priced from R399 and there are various styles – joggers, bikers, 5 pockets and straight cuts. What a selection!

I know it’s a bit chilly now but a man in a tee is cool for everyday of the year – with a jacket or without.


These designer jeans are street smart and sleek with any pair of shoes you’d like to pair them with. Simplicity is key and if that’s what you’re all about, this range is perfect for you. Criminal Damage is truly an international fashion brand and as we know, fbo only has the best original international brands, and the men’s range is the one to be on look out for.

Till next time – happy shopping.

Vicky xxx

Winter fashion to warm your heart.


Hi friends. I’m back and here’s the good news…….

as we jump into the chilly season, I keep asking myself how I can look good, fashionable and stay warm.

Well, I found a couple of ways to do it with original international fashion brands from fbo and still keep my bank balance in tact.

fbo has me covered for this season.

Here are my seasonal selections with the help of inspirational personal shopper and stylist Cassidy Cik who just knows how to pull an outfit together. We had a great time putting these looks together and fbo photographer Papiso Phali captured them perfectly.

As a lover of fashion I feel as though the total power effect clothes have on a persons attitude and mood is important, because when you look good you feel good and with that you’ll do good too.

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

John Lowis_ Look 2.4John Lowis_ Look 2.1John Lowis_ Look 2.5Selection:1 Is a gorgeous Sara Kelly coat put together with an H&M blouse and Jane Norman jeans and my heels which make me feel so powerful are also H&M.

Live. Laugh. Love

John Lowis_ Look 1.1John Lowis_ Look 1.2John Lowis_ Look 1.4









Live for what you adore, life isn’t life if you don’t live it to the fullest, in the process of living life Laugh, laughter is the best medicine for anyone. Love, love what you are wearing regardless of the season

Be the best you can be no matter what – and look good doing it.

Selection:2 is a Jane Norman body suit with a fuax fur H&M jacket, Jane Norman jeggings, H&M thigh high boots and a Jane Norman Hat.

Just loved these earthly rich colours.

Every kingdom needs a queen…

The Lion is the king of the wild but I felt like the queen of my world with this faux fur leopard print coat. It is easy to transform from workwear to evening wear too.

Seclection:3 is a Jane Norman coat and gloves; Zara blouse, Jane Norman leggings with ankle zip and H&M heels.


And then for a bit of fun…

What does fun look like?

A simple day to day, on the go outfit. I am very comfortable in it and I feel like I can have so much fun and conquer the day on the run. You can still feel and look good with practical gear and have some fun.

Selection:4 Is a ZARA pollar neck, Sara Kelly Parka, Jane Norman Scarf and Jane Norman jeans – all very comfortable and are also warm. My own pair of All Star sneakers finished this look.

The season might be cold and windy but don’t you worry yourself too much fbo has got you covered with a great selection of clothing. Pop in to fbo Kempton Park or Springs, I know they are waiting for you.

See you there darlings.

Vicky xoxo



LOVE who you are. Love what you wear. I’m blessed. I love my job and the people I meet. I’m happy.

We have so many reasons to be happy – it’s the month of love, it’s a short month, it’s almost payday, it’s time to shop!

I’d like to share some photos taken at a moonlight photo shoot at fbo Kempton Park, where our VIP guests were fitted with outfits from fbo and looked fantastic. The scene was set with champagne and roses, balloons and candles. Guests had a fun evening trying on the beautiful outfits by international fashion brands offered at fbo and having impromptu photo shoots. Delight, excitement, love and laughter filled the air. The ladies looked gorgeous and the men, suave. A very enjoyable evening with very special people…

And for those without a special someone today, there’s no reason to not pop in and find a gorgeous outfit that makes you feel beautiful and loved.

The world is your oyster – be bold, be beautiful, be loved with us at fbo!

love Vicky Xxx


I’m so happy I’ve survived January so I can shop again…and its almost the weekend.

January is always a challenge to make sure the budget stretches far enough but here we are and all is well. So let’s shop this weekend and take advantage of all the great specials on with summer sales and massively discounted fashion items. I just love it!

I will definitely be at fbo this weekend. I may just pop in to fbo Springs first and then head off to fbo Kempton Park because I’ve heard they are having an amazing weekend promotion with an extra 50% off selected items marked with a yellow sticker.

Just to mentioned a few of the items you could pick up at a crazy price.

Divided ladies T-shirt: fbo price R49 fbo yellow sticker price R24,50,  LOGG shorts: fbo price R79 fbo yellow sticker price R39,50,  H&M sport shirt: fbo price R49 fbo yellow sticker price R24,50, LOGG button shirt: fbo price R79 fbo yellow sticker price R39,50,  H&M rompers: fbo price R39 fbo yellow sticker price R19,50

I haven’t seen prices like this for a long time so hope to see you there.

Vicky Xxx

What a way to start the year… win R20 000 worth of international fashion brands.


Congratulations to Thelma Malele the winner of the R20 000 worth of international fashion brands. Enjoy your shopping. Thelma seen here with fbo owner, Brian Hurley.

When asked how she felt about winning she said “I’ve never won anything in my life, I feel like I’ve really achieved something today all thanks to fbo. Thank you very much fbo”.

We were delighted to meet all the semi finalists who came through to fbo Kempton Park for the final lucky draw event. Their names were placed inside a spinning barrel and our store manageress, Rochelle Goliath had the honours of pulling out the winners name.