So it’s all about the boys this week and I’ve got a few real sexy jeans to share with you…

Hey friends,

I’m back with some more cutting edge fashion ‘intell’ for you. Hope you’re ready because I’m extremely excited about this one. This one is for the boys…

fbo has a added some new stock to its range of Criminal Damage denim jeans for men.    It doesn’t just end there but, this range also has awesome T-shirts and if you buy a pair of Criminal Damage jeans you get a FREE t-shirt. Wow – anything for free is great! The jeans are priced from R399 and there are various styles – joggers, bikers, 5 pockets and straight cuts. What a selection!

I know it’s a bit chilly now but a man in a tee is cool for everyday of the year – with a jacket or without.


These designer jeans are street smart and sleek with any pair of shoes you’d like to pair them with. Simplicity is key and if that’s what you’re all about, this range is perfect for you. Criminal Damage is truly an international fashion brand and as we know, fbo only has the best original international brands, and the men’s range is the one to be on look out for.

Till next time – happy shopping.

Vicky xxx


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