Mens Denim Jeans

Its Friday everyone! We made it through the week and now its time to relax a little, I can almost smellthe holidays, isnt it exciting? Christmas really is my favourite time of the year, I probably sound like such a child but something about the festivity makes me happy.

Some exciting news; we just brought in mens designer jeans which will be on promotion this weekend. Name brands such as Guess, J Oliver, Scotch and Soda, River Island and Zara man will be sold from R399. This weekend only we have a red sticker promotion where can get an extra 20% off. They really are great jeans that will be a perfect addition to any mans wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans. See you all this weekend.

Love Vicky xx



Happy Monday morning everyone! We are edging closer to holidays, relaxing in the sun, family time, Christmas and of course the end of 2016, how scary is that!

This morning I’d just like to bring you some wonderful news to brighten up your Monday. Our dresses which were being sold at R149 have now dropped to just R99. So if you havent popped into fbo yet then now is definitely your chance to spoil yourself your even someone else this Christmas.

Please feel free to share photos of you in your fbo dress as well as let me know what you thought our staff, shop and dresses. I love getting feedback from our customers.

Have a fabulous day!

Love Vickyfbo-dress-sale-price-cut-r99

New at fbo

Today is one of those rainy stay in bed watch a movie kind of days in Benoni but we’re not letting that get us down, we have the perfect outing to get you out of the house. GO SHOPPING!! To fbo of course because we still have fantastic promotions on.

Our dress sale which has been doing fantastic is still running incase you still have not visited fbo for this deal. But today I actually wanted to share with you something other than just our promotion (trust me its good and if this doesnt get you out of bed and over to fbo then I’m not sure what will)

Fbo has recently brought in a brand new range to both their stores called Jane Norman. Some of you may have heard of it before but for those of you who haven’t, it is a range from London which I can only describe as sophisticated but fun.

We recently did a photo shoot with the presenters from Soweto TV who modelled the Jane Norman range for us and I couldnt be happier with how the pictures came out. A big thank you to the Soweto TV team for all their help.


We’re excited to see how all our customers response to the Jane Norman range. Let us know what you think!

Love Vicky xx

Miss Teen Soweto 2016

I hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend (and did a little bit of sneaky shopping at fbo of course)! We had quite a busy one (as usual).

On saturday we had the 16 finalists for Miss Teen Soweto 2016 over at fbo Kempton Park to choose their outfits for the pagent as well as their producer Jonathan and their camera and filming staff. Firstly we had them all try on a little black dress and then let them choose a casual outfit as well as a more formal outfit for the pagent.

We had such fun helping them pick out outfits that best suited their style and personality as well as watching them being interviewed in fbo was a wonderful experience. They are all truly fantastic young ladies and we wish them the best of luck in the competition going forward..

Love Vicky xx


Movember in full swing

How excited is everyone that the weekend is finally here? Okay maybe its just me but if you’ve had a week as busy as mine then you would be to!

So as some of you may know the month of November is basically all about the men with the Movember Campaign that runs. Just to fill some of you that dont know what its all about in, Movember aims to bring awareness and sustainable programmes to help men suffering with prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental issues and physical inactivity that men face.

This month at fbo we are also putting our men first in support of Movember by trying to make them feel just as important as our lovely ladies, with our current jeans promotion. We have rails full of mens jeans that are being sold from R129. With assorted colours and styles that will suit every man, make sure you grab a pair for your special someone to let him know hes loved to.

Love Vicky xx




Good morning to all! Its been a very busy busy couple of days, running around, organising and making sure everything is in order for your massive promotion that is currenting on. But this is what in live for and what makes my job so wonderfu;.

Last week we had Soweto TV ladies over to fbo to shoot in our new Jane Norman range (I will definitely share these beautiful photos and information on this lovely range as soon as possible). However I couldnt help myself and took the opportunity to be in front of the camera myself, I had so much fun. Thank you to Julie Rochford, our photographer for the lovely photos.

My lovely earrings are from Siyabonga, please go have a look at her instagram page @icherryefresh for more information on her range.

Love Vicky xx


Dress to impress

Its Wednesday everybody, which means that we’re half way to the WEEKEND! How exciting. An even better reason to be looking forward to this weekend is because our massive dress sale is happening. Remember the one I was telling you about in my last post? Its here!!

So to tell you a little bit about this promotion, we have thousands and thouands of dresses that are being sold at R149.00 and when I say theres everything, there really is. For any occasion. One of my favourites was a tight dress with a gold bottom and a loose fitted black chiffon top. It was amazing ( if any of you have been or are planning on going to have a look at fbo, you’ll know immediately which one I’m talking about.) From weddings to night outs to summer picnics, you really will find a dress to fit your style, personality and eventimg_5503.

Our promotion has started already and will be running throughout November until stocks last, so make sure you come visit us this weekend before all the goodies are sold out!

Love Vicky xx