Dress to impress

Its Wednesday everybody, which means that we’re half way to the WEEKEND! How exciting. An even better reason to be looking forward to this weekend is because our massive dress sale is happening. Remember the one I was telling you about in my last post? Its here!!

So to tell you a little bit about this promotion, we have thousands and thouands of dresses that are being sold at R149.00 and when I say theres everything, there really is. For any occasion. One of my favourites was a tight dress with a gold bottom and a loose fitted black chiffon top. It was amazing ( if any of you have been or are planning on going to have a look at fbo, you’ll know immediately which one I’m talking about.) From weddings to night outs to summer picnics, you really will find a dress to fit your style, personality and eventimg_5503.

Our promotion has started already and will be running throughout November until stocks last, so make sure you come visit us this weekend before all the goodies are sold out!

Love Vicky xx


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